Recycling electric items


February 2021

Small Electricals – Kerbside Recycling

Recycling your electrical items just became easier! You can now recycle your small electrical items on your waste or recycling collection day. Please place the items in a carrier bag and place them on top of either your black or green bin. Please do not place items inside your black or green bins.

If the electrical items won’t fit into a carrier bag then it is too large to fit into the compartments on our collection vehicles and you should take it to a Household Waste and Recycling Site. Check the table below for examples of items you can present for collection.

Yes please:

• Anything with a plug.

• Anything battery operated.

• Cables, plugs.

• Only items that can fit in a standard size plastic carrier bag.

• Batteries (if removable) in a separate bag please.

No thanks (Please take these to a Household Waste Recycling Site):

• Items too big to fit in a standard size plastic carrier bag.

• Traditional old style light bulbs, low energy light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Yes please

No thanks

(Please take these to a Household Waste Recycling Site)

Small household appliances: Hairdryers, straighteners, irons, clocks and alarms, smoke detectors, electric razors and toothbrushes.

Small kitchen appliances: Food mixers, toasters, kettles, blenders.

Electric or battery powered toys and games.

Electric or battery powered tools.

Computer equipment: laptops, tablets, external storage drives, mouses, keyboards, small flatscreen monitors.

Telephones: telephone handsets, base stations, mobile phones, smart phones.

Music equipment: Radios, CD and DVD players, record players, portable speakers.

Remote control handsets.

Household lighting including LED bulbs, desk lamps, garden lights and Christmas lights.

E-cigarette tips.

Cables, plugs, transformers and charging units for the above.

Sockets, switches, dimmers, taps with safety features or sensors.

Refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dryer.

Cookers, ovens and microwaves.

Televisions, (including flat screens).

Old style light bulbs, low energy light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Car batteries.


Batteries are hazardous waste and should never be placed in your black bin or your green bin. Batteries cause fires within waste collection vehicles and at Waste Transfer Stations.

Please place batteries in a separate bag on top of either your black bin or your green bin.

Please remove batteries and battery units from any small electricals that you are putting out for collection. Integrated or built in rechargeable batteries do not need to be removed.

Alkaline, Silver-Oxide and Zinc carbon and lithium batteries can all be recycled through our kerbside battery collection service. Rechargeable batteries and power packs can also be recycled through this service.

Lead-acid, mercury and other types of industrial and vehicle batteries cannot be recycled through this collection services.

What happens to small electricals and batteries placed out for kerbside recycling?

Once taken back to depots, small electricals are collected by MDJ Light Bros in Lewes for reprocessing and recycling on its site at Greystone Quarry facility. There, the items are separated into the various different components for recycling. The separated components are then sold to customers depending on demand and market conditions.

Household batteries collected at the kerbside are taken to a facility in Garforth, Leeds, where they are bulked and sent on for recycling. The bulked batteries are taken to one of two specialist facilities owned by Revatech in Belgium. Here at either the Monsin or Engis facility, the batteries are sorted by type before going through mechanical treatment to crush and screen the material. The material goes through a chemical treatment process before being recycled. Base metals and plastics are recovered. The resources gained from recycling batteries are the very same materials being mined in other parts of the world.

Latest Parish Planning Update - 23 February 2021


February 2021



The Planning Applications below are to be considered by members of the Parish Council Planning Committee via email consultation. This email method for consultation is a temporary measure due to the Corona Virus outbreak. The parish council will advertise this notice on their website.

If any member of the public would like to comment on any of the new applications being considered, please email your comments by to and also to Wealden District Council by


Declaration of Members personal and prejudicial Interests in respect of items on this agenda


The minutes of the Planning Committee held on date 10th March 2020 be approved and will be retrospectively signed as a correct record by the Chairman when the parish council next have a public meeting.


Planning Applications

Application: WD/2020/2647/F

Expiry date for response to WDC: 12th March 2021


Description: A replacement dwelling with a new detached garage


Expiry date for response to WDC: 16th March 2021


Description: Small rear extension

Responses submitted to WDC:

Application: WD/2021/0196/F

Expiry date for response to WDC: 1st March 2021


Description: Demolition of garage and detached store. Erection of garage

Response from Buxted Parish Council to WDC:

Whilst the parish council did not have any objections to this application, they would respectfully request that WDC consider a condition for the garage to be legally tied to the dwelling so that it cannot be used as separate residential dwelling.

(Cllr Cox declared a personal interest as the applicant is known to her and did not comment on this application).

Application: WD/2021/0199/F

Expiry date for response to WDC: 2nd March 2021


Description: Proposed conversion of existing garage to habitable room and replacement of central rooflight to the rear elevation.

Response from Buxted Parish Council to WDC: the parish council do not object to this application, providing that there is private parking for at least two cars maintained within the boundaries of the property, as they are aware that parking is limited in this location.

Application: WD/2021/0222/F

Expiry date for response to WDC: 3rd March 2021


Description: Proposed two-storey rear extension.

Response from Buxted Parish Council to WDC: the parish have no objections to this application and ask if WDC can please make the conservation officer aware of this application in view of possible historical value.

Applications determined/updated by Wealden District Council


Description: Conversion of existing bakehouse into habitable accommodation. Two storey

addition to main dwelling with first floor terrace and alterations to fenestration.

Location: Strawberry Hall, Cobdown Lane, Five Ash Down, Uckfield TN22 3AR

Update: Withdrawn


Description: Erect a single storey, mono-pitch, timber, shiplap outbuilding.


Update: Approved


Description: Proposed rear single storey extension


Update: Approved


Description: Proposed single storey rear extension


Update: Approved


Description: Conversion of existing dairy into accommodation ancillary to the main house


Update: Approved

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) - Planning Appeal against Refusal of a Householder Application

Planning Inspectorate Ref: APP/C1435/D/21/3267649

Appeal Start date: 19 February 2021


Description: Retrospective application for the erection of a single storey double garage with apex roof. Construction of a hard surface joining existing driveway to garage. Proposed drainage carried out (soakaway) to minimise surface water run-off.

Planning Inspectorate Ref: APP/C1435/D/21/3267649

Appeal Start date: 19 February 2021

Claudine Feltham - clerk to the Parish Council

Copy to ESCC Cllr R Galley, WDC Cllr Illingworth

Have Your Say - Survey on Dog Thefts


February 2021

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, in partnership with the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners (APCC), has launched today (19 February) a national survey, designed to understand public perception of dog theft, enforcement and the prosecution of offenders.

The Home Secretary is currently reviewing the issue of pet theft, and what future enforcement may look like with potentially tougher penalties for perpetrators.

The responses to this survey will help inform the discussions that PCCs will have on this issue nationally, and allow police forces to better understand the public's views on this crime and how they might improve their response to those concerns.

Demand for dogs as pets has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. The cost of some puppies, on Pets4Homes, is currently as high as £3,000, making them a valuable commodity to criminals.

According to Dog Lost, the UK's largest lost and found dog service, it is estimated thefts have risen by 250 per cent, with criminal gangs involved.

PCC Bourne says: “I am incredibly eager to get more detail around this issue and understand residents’ views and if they feel more could be done to respond to their concerns or for more preventative measures to be put in place to better protect their pets."

"I hope that the results of this survey will give the Government the evidence it needs to take more robust action against perpetrators."

The 60-second survey will be open until 17:00 on Friday 12th March. Make sure to have your say today:

Rights of Way and Stiles


February 2021

Some of the stiles and footpaths, where there is heavy footfall, are in a poor state given the increase in footfall and the extremely wet weather.

It would be helpful if councillors, or any members of the public, can report broken stiles and other problems to the clerk, so this can be passed onto the correct authority.

The image below shows all the footpaths in the parish and further details of footpaths can be found on the ESCC website:

Please report any broken/damaged stiles direct to ESCC or to

Local Update from ESCC Councillor Roy Galley - February


February 2021

Local Update

February 2021


Cases of Covid 19 continue to fall quite steeply across East Sussex and Wealden.

Over 90% of Care Home residents and staff have been vaccinated. All over 70s will be offered a vaccination by mid-February and over 65s by the end of the month.

The Community Hub continues to operate for those with food or medicine deliveries problems.

A series of Government grants are still available for local businesses and over £45million has been passed on to businesses since the pandemic began. Full details of what is on offer are on the Wealden website.

Council Tax.

East Sussex County Council has now decided to increase Council Tax by 3.5%. This is made up of 2% on basic Council Tax and 1.5% for the Adult Social Care precept. The government has allowed care authorities to levy 3% extra over two years. It could all be levied in one year or spread over two years. East Sussex has decided on the latter course. About 70% of Council Tax goes to fund County services.

The Fire Authority had agreed to a 1.99% increase for the Fire and Rescue Service while Wealden will be freezing tax for 2021/22. We are expecting a hefty increase from the Police and Crime Commissioner.


This increase in the Police precept will, however, be put to good use.

Already 100 more PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) have been recruited across Sussex with 17 new neighbourhood policing sergeants heading up local policing activity.

I have observed more police presence in recent weeks including more speed check activity and hope you have too if you’ve been able to get out and about.

In parts of Wealden Anti Social Behaviour patrols have been having noticeable impact and there has been a successful drugs busting operation.

As ever, overall crime levels are comparatively quite low.

Roy Galley

February 12th 2021.

Your local Councillors.

Roy Galley.

01825 713018

Peter Roundell.

01825 722030

Toby Illingworth cllr.toby.illingworth

01823 732115

Covid 19 NHS Organised Home Visits


February 2021

This message is sent on behalf of our partners at the Sussex Health and Care Partnership

The NHS in Sussex is committed to the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccination and ensuring that all those in the first priority groups are offered the vaccination by mid-February.

Home visits for people who are eligible and considered housebound across Sussex are underway, and people who are registered housebound with their GP will be contacted.

Home visit appointments are being coordinated by the GP led vaccination services in each area, which could be your GP practice, a neighbouring GP practice as in many places they are working in groups, or a team supporting your GP practice.

They will always contact you before a visit is made to confirm the appointment and ensure you are in when they come. They will know your name, address and NHS number, and will only be contacting you to confirm an appointment and not ask for any personal details – and definitely not payment.

If you have a loved one or a neighbour that you know should be expecting a home visit, check whether they have been contacted by the NHS.

When the person arrives to do the vaccination they will either be from a GP service locally or Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. Either way they will carry NHS ID, please ask to see it before you let them into your home.

The NHS will:

  • NEVER ask you to press a button on your keypad or send a text to confirm you want the vaccine
  • NEVER ask for payment or for your bank details

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up. If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft you should report this directly to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Where the victim is vulnerable, report it to Sussex Police online or by calling 101.

Some people who may be housebound are also receiving a letter from the national booking service inviting them to go online or call the national phone line to book an appointment at one of the vaccination services or pharmacy led services. We know this is causing some confusion but currently the national system cannot distinguish that someone is housebound and so these letters are being sent to all those who are eligible.

If you are housebound and are not able to attend a local vaccination service or centre, please ignore this letter. You are on the list with your GP led vaccination service team and they will contact you in the next two weeks – you do not need to call your GP practice or any other team to make an appointment. As soon as an appointment is available you will be contacted directly.

If you would like to know more about the vaccination programme or have a question please visit for the latest information including a Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the vaccination programme team on
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Message Sent By
Sussex Police (Police, Force-wide message, Sussex)

Community Vaccination Briefing


February 2021

03 February 2021

This is a briefing to provide information and resources in community languages to support ethnically diverse communities during COVID-19 and to provide factual information about the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme. If you want this briefing to be in any other community language, BSL, Braille or other format, then please get in touch with us by using our contact details at the bottom of this briefing.

Supporting People at their COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

Where can I have my vaccination?

You will receive an invitation to book your vaccination appointment by telephone, text or by post and there are several places you can choose to go to receive your vaccination:

· Local vaccination services – these include the GP led or community vaccination services, and pharmacy led services in some areas- these will often be the nearest place to someone’s home to be vaccinated;

· Vaccination centres – these are larger centres which will be able to give the vaccine to large numbers of people as more supplies become available. Appointments are organised through a national service; people are contacted by letter which includes details in community languages. Information is included on how to book an appointment, which will include access to interpreting by phone. If you receive a letter from the national team and it is too far to travel, please don’t worry. Your local site will be in touch;

· Visiting service – the vaccine is being taken into care homes and into people’s own homes if they cannot attend a vaccination site; and

· Hospital hubs – larger hospitals across the country are offering vaccination to health and care staff.

In Crawley a new mobile vaccination site has gone live to reach communities that are vulnerable:

What support is available for language needs?

Patients can self-refer for face to face interpretation at their appointment – please contact local interpreting providers:

If you have an urgent interpretation need you can contact:


Telephone interpretation is available for those have language needs and do not have an interpreter. This will be arranged by the team where you have your vaccine.

Translated Materials

To support patients to have the correct information, the following leaflets have been translated:

· Vaccination consent form is available in 11 community languages

· What to expect after your vaccination guide for adults is available in 16 community languages

· Why you will have to wait for your COVID-19 vaccine in 16 community languages

· COVID-19 vaccination: women of childbearing age, currently pregnant or breastfeeding in 16 community languages

NHS England has also published a vaccination video in 10 community languages with what to expect, how the vaccine is given, and clear evidence that the vaccines work and are safe.

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Contact Details

If you have any questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine, contact:

FACT: COVID-19 kills up to 10 times more than the flu. Research at John Hopkins University indicates that COVID-19 is more fatal, impacts people for longer (up to 30 days) and spreads faster than flu. Claiming that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the flu plays down the destruction this virus has brought to many lives.

Dispelling Misinformation

FACT: No patient so far has suffered from irreversible side effects from the COVID-19 vaccination- in trials or in the population. This myth was spread by misreading a presentation which actually said 3000 of those vaccinated suffered with temporary and reversible side effects.

FACT: The speed of approval of the COVID-19 vaccination was mainly due to cutting red tape rather than cutting corners. There has been worldwide scientific collaboration and funding to create the COVID-19 vaccine. This global effort has allowed scientists to work at record speed, and complete years of work in months.

FACT: There is no material of foetal or animal origin in either COVID-19 vaccine. All ingredients are published in the healthcare information on the MHRA’s website.

• The British Islamic Medical Association have produced a helpful guide for the Muslim community.

The Catholic Church offers reassurance messages that Catholics may “in good conscience receive any of these vaccines for the good of others and themselves”.

• The Church of England information on the vaccine isat

• The Hindu Forum of Britain has issued a COVID-19 Vaccine Information Guide

If and when further vaccines are approved we will publish information about known allergens or ingredients that are important for certain faiths, cultures and beliefs.

FACT: The Covid-19 vaccine should protect you from becoming sick, but it won’t stop you from infecting other people. So, it is really important that you continue to remember hands, face, space. Wash your hands, cover your face and keep your distance from people. During the winter when people tend to spend more time indoors, it is a good idea to have a flow of air, for example by opening windows sometimes.

FACT: Unlike the flu jab, you cannot currently pay for a COVID-19 vaccination. COVID-19 vaccinations are part of the national NHS vaccination programme and the vaccines are provided free by the NHS. You will never be asked for your bank details to pay for it.

Accessible Information in Community Languages

Sussex Health and Care Partnership have published a page with helpful translated information around COVID-19 and the vaccination programme:

To support people to access health care services during COVID-19 Sussex NHS Commissioners have produced a “Right Care, Right Place” booklet which has been translated into Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Turkish

Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS) have developed pages in a range of community languages including; ArabicBengaliSimplified ChineseFarsiPolish and Portuguese to support people to find out information about health and social care needs. The pages can be accessed directly and easily from the SIS home page and are being updated on a weekly basis.

Video resources

Celebrities have come together to counter disinformation about the vaccine amongst ethnically diverse communities by producing a short video :Meera Syal and Moeen Ali star in video urging BAME people to take vaccine | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Siphelile Williams is a proud Learning Disabilities Nurse and a proud Muslim woman. Here she talks about why the Covid19 vaccine is suitable for her and people of Islamic faith, as well as vegetarians and vegans

Siphelile Williams, a Staff Nurse from Learning Disability Services, is currently working as a trained vaccinator at The Mount. She addresses concerns about the safety of the vaccine, its side effects and how she’s had to counter disinformation within her own family who’ve been worried about things they’ve seen online

An expert team of NHS vaccinators answer some of your main concerns about the vaccine, including: Is it safe? Can it be trusted? What about allergic reactions and side effects? Does it contain animal products? Is it worth it?

Mental Health Nurse Steve Dawson is one of our professional Covid19 vaccinators working at The Mount. Steve understands why people might be worried but says it’s now our best hope of returning to a normal lifestyle

Further information and links to support an informed decision

Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation – information on eligibility criteria for the vaccine:

Information for UK healthcare professionals (Pfizer/BioNTech):

Information for UK healthcare professionals (Oxford/AstraZeneca):

Priority groups for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination: detailed information

Statement from the UK Chief Medical Officers on time between first and second dose:

NHS Sussex Commissioners Public Involvement Team Contact Details

If you have any questions, or if you need this briefing in an alternative format, please contact the Public Involvement Team:


Telephone: 01903 708 411


Attn: Public Involvement Team, NHS Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group

Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Brighton, BN3 4AH

SignLive: Deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us between 09:00-17:00 Monday- Friday through the Video Relay Service (VRS) ‘SignLive’. Simply download the SignLive app, register your details, and search for NHS Brighton and Hove in the Community Directory. If the call goes to answerphone please leave a message, with your name and SignLive ID code and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Previous versions of the briefing can be accessed via the news section on the CCGs websites: NHS Brighton and Hove CCG, NHS East Sussex CCG, and NHS West Sussex CCG.

Ionides Community Car Park


January 2021

In late Autumn 2020 works to Community Parking area were carried out. The car park was enlarged to increase capacity and a tarmac surface laid down. At the same time drainage works were carried out around the children’s play area, connecting in with drainage laid down for the car park. The excess spoil from the car park works was spread over the valley created by the bund from the surgery works, thus creating a flatter landscape and hopefully a more useable one. Grass seed was laid down over all disturbed areas and it will be Spring 2021 before the success of this part of the works can be evaluated. More work may have to be carried out during 2021.

East Sussex Vaccination Update


January 2021

Please click on the link below for detailed information regarding where the coronavirus vaccine is being delivered across Sussex.

No More Planning Application Notifications Letters

Buxted Parish Council


October 2020

Very disappointingly we have been advised by Wealden District Council that neighbour notification letters are no longer going to be sent out from 1st November. Instead, neighbours will have to rely on a site notice, their website or social media. We were advised as follows:

Dear Parish/Town Clerk

The methods that the Council use to publicise applications considered to be valid on or after 1st November 2020 is changing.

From this date, the Council will no longer notify adjoining properties by letter. This change is following the adoption of the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI), which was adopted on 22nd July 2020 at Full Council.

There is to be reliance on Site Notices together with the website and social media. Where required by legislation, adverts will continue to be placed in the local newspaper

This change will not affect how the Council notify statutory bodies such as Town and Parish Councils.

For more details please visit:

If you are on the internet, the parish council would urge you to sign up to the My Wealden Alerts at You would then be notified via the weekly Wealden update (at the bottom of the email) of any new planning applications in your area. In addition to this, the parish council will try its utmost to inform residents of new application as they arrive via its website, Facebook and BPEC. However, this does by no means cover the many residents who are not on the internet, so we would please ask everyone to spread the word as new applications are submitted.

Sanitisation of Play Equipment in Buxted Parish


August 2020

Starting on Friday 28th August (approx 12.30 pm), the play equipment in Buxted and High Hurstwood Recreation Grounds and Ashdown Place, Five Ash Down will be sanitised on a 30-day rolling basis for a trial period of three months.

This sanitisation is in conjunction with both Uckfield Town Council and Framfield Parish Council who also have a three-month trial.

The sanitisation provides 30 days of residual and anti-microbial protection on hard surfaces and soft furnishings with a single application. The equipment can be used 15 minutes after application. It invisibly bonds to surfaces and provides ongoing residual protection, it cannot be cleaned off, even with chlorine cleaning.

We would be grateful if you could refrain from using the equipment while the sanitisation is in process and leave for 15 minutes following application.

Please find below all relevant information regards to the service. Products used are water-based with no impact on the environment.

HPS Protect Anti-Microbial Protection Services

Zoono London Underground Trial Report

FINAL REPORT Zoono Trial 14Forty Fluor 2019

14476 germfree[1][1] Bespoke BS EN 13697 30 days BS EN 1276 Report BS EN 1650 BS EN 13697 Report Coronavirus screening report[1][1] EN 14476 Report Vaccinia Eurofins Lab 28 Day Test Result[1][1] J001347 14476 Report Vaccinia[1][3] J001430 Microbe Shield[1][1] PAS 2424 SDS GermFree24 Hand Sanitiser Final V3[1][2][1][1] SDS ZOONO Z71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser Final V2[2][1][1][1] Zoono Ebola (RSV) antiviral test[1] Zoono test results brochure May 2019[1] Zoono Z71 PAS2430 Test Results[1][1]