ESCC Cllr Galley Monthly News October


Our Police Force

The numbers of police officers in Sussex is now steadily increasing.129 New officers were recruited last year and 117 this year. A new recruitment drive is going ahead this autumn.

This is, of course, across the whole of Sussex but we do have extra staff locally. In particular we now have Police Community Support Officers with a specified area to patrol.

Covid Money

As you will appreciate most Covid related grants are now coming to an end. It is important to note, however that the total disbursements in business grants amount to over £65m which has kept our local communities and economy afloat. 14000 applications were handled by Council staff.

Planning in Limbo

Many of us have been deeply concerned about the extent of apparently indiscriminate

applications for house building across Wealden which threaten our rural way of life and landscape.

With a change of Secretary of State and a statement by the Prime Minister at the Party Conference that there will be no more building on green fields, we are expecting a major change of direction by the Government. The Council are trying to clarify exactly what this means.


The County Council are considering investing more money in roads which in my view is very necessary. Hopefully some of this new money will come to our country roads, not just to the towns in East Sussex.

There are a number of roads which I would like to see improved but I would be very pleased for residents to nominate roads to me. Whatever we put forward will need to meet the threshold for improvement so will have to be pretty bad!

Let me know your thoughts.

Little Piggies

Early in the month, an unpleasant story came to light. Boxes of pig remains were found at a number of locations near Crowborough and Eridge. This has been going on since early August.

They are professionally butchered and placed in boxes marked ‘Bones’.

We do not know where they come from or why they are being dumped. Officers are working with the Police Rural Crime Team and the Defra Animal and Plant Health Agency.

It is not apparently connected to supply chain issues in the pig industry.

I did a BBC radio interview on October 6th and appealed to witnesses to come forward if they had any information.

Roy Galley

October 10th 2021.

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