Sanitisation of Play Equipment in Buxted Parish


Starting on Friday 28th August (approx 12.30 pm), the play equipment in Buxted and High Hurstwood Recreation Grounds and Ashdown Place, Five Ash Down will be sanitised on a 30-day rolling basis for a trial period of three months.

This sanitisation is in conjunction with both Uckfield Town Council and Framfield Parish Council who also have a three-month trial.

The sanitisation provides 30 days of residual and anti-microbial protection on hard surfaces and soft furnishings with a single application. The equipment can be used 15 minutes after application. It invisibly bonds to surfaces and provides ongoing residual protection, it cannot be cleaned off, even with chlorine cleaning.

We would be grateful if you could refrain from using the equipment while the sanitisation is in process and leave for 15 minutes following application.

Please find below all relevant information regards to the service. Products used are water-based with no impact on the environment.

HPS Protect Anti-Microbial Protection Services

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