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Buxted Parish Council came into being in 1894 when the present system of Parish Councils was instituted to give rural communities a voice. Buxted Parish covers some 7,000 acres with an electorate of about 2,500 out of a population of 3,200. It encompasses the villages of Buxted, High Hurstwood and Five Ash Down.

The parish is divided into two wards – Buxted/Five Ash Down (10 councillors) and High Hurstwood (5 councillors). Councils are elected for a term of 4 years. Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday in every month (except August), alternating between Buxted Reading Room, High Hurstwood Village Hall and Five Ash Down Village Hall, at 19.30. Meetings agendas are displayed one week in advance on the Parish notice boards in Buxted (on the Ionides Trust site), High Hurstwood (near The Hurstwood pub) and in Five Ash Down (outside the Village Hall) and on the website. The agenda includes a list of any planning applications received from Wealden District Council for consultation. All meetings of the Council and its committees are open to the public, who are welcome to ask questions or raise issues with the Council before the meetings formally begin.

An early requirement was to provide allotments, which we do. Councils can also support arts and crafts; contribute to maintenance of churchyards; protect commons, provide buildings for public meetings, functions and entertainment, maintain public footpaths and bridleways (jointly with ESCC), provide footway lighting (we don’t), provide and maintain public open spaces, and comment on planning applications.

We also take an active interest in highways matters, policy and our environment (e.g. trees and hedgerows). More and more we have to comment on government policies for local government and voice our electors’ concerns.

Parish assets include Buxted Reading Room, two recreation grounds (Buxted and High Hurstwood), two allotment areas in Buxted (recently re-generated) and High Hurstwood, children’s play areas in Buxted and High Hurstwood, and two bus shelters. The budget is set annually over the period October to December. Planned expenditure less income forms the ‘Parish Precept’ which is levied as part of annual Council Tax. Apart from meeting general running expenses of the council – specifically employing our Parish Clerk – the council makes grants to local organisations and contributes to local projects e.g. Buxted Traffic calming.

The Parish Council recognises the burden of Council Tax but is also conscious of local needs for improvements in the Parish that increasingly are not being covered by either County or District as they seek to keep within national government budgets. Before increasing Precept to cover costs of local improvements such as the recent traffic calming, the Parish Council ensures that such improvements are what our electorate want and are prepared to pay for.

Councillors sit on various committees (e.g. Finance, Planning, Communications) and outside bodies (e.g. Ionides Trust, Buxted Community Hall Trust). Each keeps an eye on different parts of the Parish, e.g. for planning purposes and trees.

Our Parish Clerks, Beccy Macklen & Claudine Feltham (01435 812798) who act as the Council’s ‘proper officers’ on the Council’s behalf and under its direction. Both Clerks are available at the Reading Room to handle enquiries personally from parishioners on the first Thursday of every month from 10.15-11.30.

Latest Parish News

Wealden supports those living with dementia and their carers


January 2023
Wealden supports those living with dementia and their carers

Wealden District Council’s Dementia Action Alliance (WDAA) is still going from strength to strength making a difference to residents living with dementia and their carers.

The alliance, set up in 2016, is run in partnership with community groups, volunteers and businesses from across the district.

Ranging from cafes to film screenings, there is something for everyone to enjoy. There is a Friends of Wealden Dementia Action Alliance Facebook page (Friends of Wealden Dementia Action Alliance) and a weekly email which residents can sign up to. Here, people can get all the latest information on a number of groups and support services available to residents.

The alliance and local forums aim to raise awareness of dementia across Wealden, support people living with dementia and make Wealden a dementia-friendly place to live. The alliance also supports Care for the Carers and Dementia Information and Support Courses (DISC) with their local carer groups and help to advertise to Wealden residents.

The forums cover South Wealden, Uckfield and Crowborough, where local issues are discussed and new activities or initiatives are created. The alliance also supports Care for the Carers and DISC with their local carer groups and help to advertise to Wealden residents.

Dementia-friendly cafés are run in partnership with Home Instead in Willingdon, Polegate and Hailsham. There are cafes in Crowborough and Withyham supported by the local community and volunteers. The Saturday Social is run in partnership with Sussex Support Service every Saturday at Victoria Pavilion for another great afternoon of lovely refreshments and activities to take part in or just come along for a cup of tea and a chat.

If people would like to see some of the classic films, volunteers run Golden Oldie film afternoons in Ninfield, Crowborough and Hailsham Pavilion and more information can be found on the website (Wealden Dementia Action Alliance - Wealden District Council - Wealden District Council) or Facebook page (Friends of Wealden Dementia Action Alliance)

In partnership with the Sussex Cricket Foundation, Sporting Memories is held at Polegate Community Centre every Wednesday and is a chance to reminisce about favourite sports.

The Dementia Charter is to encourage businesses to become dementia-friendly and show support in the community. To find out more please do get in contact with us and we can send the relevant information.

People interested in helping to raise the awareness of dementia in their community should please contact DISC. DISC can train people to become a Dementia Guide to help teach others about dementia whether that is in a local bowls club or their local shops. It is a great opportunity for people to show their support for people living with dementia and their carers.

Councillor Pam Doodes, Wealden’s portfolio holder for Community, said, “I would like to thank all the community groups, businesses and volunteers who have been supporting our goal to have a dementia-friendly district. The hard work that goes into running these events is honourable.

“I would encourage anyone with dementia that wants to gain more social interaction to go along to one of the events. They are a safe, welcoming, and comfortable place.”

To get in contact with the WDAA please email wellbeing@wealden.gov.uk or look at our website (Wealden Dementia Action Alliance - Wealden District Council - Wealden District Council) or Facebook page (Friends of Wealden Dementia Action Alliance)

Time for Dementia


January 2023
Time for Dementia

Time for Dementia - A unique opportunity for people with a dementia diagnosis and their carer or partner.

Would you like to take part in an award-winning training programme to help healthcare students improve their knowledge and understanding of what it is like to live or care for someone with a diagnosis of dementia?

The Time for Dementia project, supported by the Alzheimer’s Society is looking for families affected by dementia to meet with students from local universities either at home or virtually. Families will be paired with students and meet three times a year, enabling you to share your experiences and help train the healthcare professionals of tomorrow and improve dementia care.

You can hear what some of our families think about taking part here: https://youtu.be/EvdE85OFz0s

For more information on how get involved, please contact 07858 678 962

or email timefordementia@alzheimers.org.uk . We are also happy to come along and talk to groups and organisations about the programme and how they can take part.

Comment from a person affected by dementia:

“I will do anything I can to help bring about changes. Time for Dementia is so important because if doctors and nurses can have a better understanding of people with dementia and their needs, their stay in hospital and their overall treatment is going to be much better.”

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